Saturday, July 19, 2003

I just tried to change this stupid thing so that it would show only 7 days on the front page. I got an error message that read something like "apache tomcat." Now, I'm no computer expert, but when an application starts sending attack helicopters and fighter jets at me, I leave the formatting alone.

See the Blogger advert on this page? Run away. Run away fast.

So I suppose I should actually write about what I've been up to... except that it hasn't been much. Went to Duluth last weekend for Vampire with Denny et al (if you have to ask what Vampire is, you've obviously wandered onto this site whilst looking for turtle porn. It's a role playing game. Like tv, only you're one of the actors and there's no canned laughter. More than slightly geeky). Then proceeded to get very drunk and crash at Anton's, after a series of different philosophical conversations that, in my post-inebriation recollection, seem to have been about bisexual dating imperialism in ancient Rome. Don't ask. I obviously don't know.

Watched the Taylor's Falls whitewater rodeo competition (once more for those not in the know: boats, not horses). Yay Forrest! You rock (you also probably don't read this -- and yet, I address you... ).

Friend Melissa is home from England. Shall see her this weekend, at the annual summit (our mums grew up together, and met two other friends while working together when they were younger than they are now, and the four of them each had a daughter within about four years of each other -- we call it the G-8 summit). Shall attend post summit festivities in the form of a show in beautiful (crummy) downtown (ha!) MPLS. Two stunningly beautiful women spend a night on the town... and I'm sure I'll run into them at some point:-).

Am supposed to be getting the #%$^ing incomplete squared away by redoing a paper this weekend. This got off to an inauspicious start when I realized that I didn't have the original paper at home, as I had finished it at school. Went out to buy tickets for this weekend's night life, stopped and bought myself lunch at TGI Fridays, meandered to school where I both printed and emailed the paper so I'd have digital and hard copy, stopped to buy a CD, came home and listened to CD, fell asleep from all of the running around. None of these things got the paper revised. Damn.

So, now that I've procrastinated going to bed for more than an hour, I'll say good night! I'm sure I'll be posting again tomorrow, since I'll be meaning to work on the paper.


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