Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Trying again, as my school's wireless network ate the first one:

Monsanto (agrichemical chemical) is suing a small dairy for labeling it's products "no BGH." According to the random progressive spam I got today, "Monsanto claims that even a factual assertion misleads consumers."

Gah! I'll have to go off dairy completely if I can no longer tell which producers use BGH and which don't. And that sucks, cause I love me some cheese. The stupidest part is that the small dairy's customers are probably crunchy nature people who wouldn't buy milk if they couldn't tell what was/wasn't in it. Kemps even figured out how to exploit us by making a seperate line of rBGH free milk. If companies are really that concerned, let them follow suit -- it'll only bring them more customers. More customres = good.


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