Thursday, September 18, 2003

Had the "let's bash CJ meeting." It wasn't in response to what I thought, but was apparently due to disperate average scores on student evaluations for my two sections. Apparently, I did nothing wrong, the course should never be taught in summer, and we clearly improved the labs over the course of the... er... course. I clearly do not suck, and have plenty of positive experiences in leading labs from previous semesters. Hence, my sentence is to spend more of the time that I don't fucking have trekking over to the other side of campus to take "remedial teaching" from a private tutor. It took a half-hour meeting to get to this foregone conclusion. Why ask for my story if the bureaucratic "fix" is going to be the same either way? Frankly, it just wasted more of my time, and that's now in even shorter supply.

I returned to the office and soothed myself with Stealth Disco in what little break I had left before my next class (TAP! Thank GOD!!!).


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