Saturday, May 08, 2004

Some things:
1. Dear Froogle,

There is no piece of clothing ON EARTH that one could purchase for $550 and still be considered even remotely frugal.

Thank you for your ever-so-helpful shopping tips.

2. Today's Star Tribune variety page had an insightful and thorough ten-point quiz that helpfully tols me that I am, in fact, a quirkyalone. What the quiz didn't allow for is that the behavioral effects of disillusionment can look startlingly like those of dreamy romanticism. I am not a quirkyalone. I do not think that a "right person" will come along. I think that I am romantically inept and can find better things to waste my time on. I date when boredom obscures my memory of my ineptitude. Things go horribly awry. I remember that I have other, more fulfilling hobbies.

Not quirkyalone. Just better at other things.

3. The word pomosexual has also made it into my lexicon, via the Stoopid Class (which is over and done with, forever and ever, amen). Predictably, though I fit the definition, I also decry this term. I define my sexual and romantic preferences just as much as the next person does. It just takes me longer than one word.

(Because I know someone will challenge me: I am attracted to people with beautiful smiles; warm, kind eyes; a sarcastic but not cruel sense of humor; a willingness to try new things and travel to new places; a sense of social responsibility; the ability to be self-sufficient; and any number of other traits that are nobody's business but my own.)

4. Why yes, I should be working on that paper. Go to hell.

5. I will be tap dancing at midnight tonight. I shall try not to suck as badly as I usually do.


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