Saturday, June 19, 2004

I'm feeling a bit meme-ish.

Gacked from everyone on the friggin'internet:

"1) go to and type in "You know you're from (your state here) if..."
2) pick out whichever list strikes your fancy and bold the ones that apply to you.
3) post it in an entry. Duh."

This should be fun.

You Might be a Minnesotan if...

*You measure distance in minutes.

*Weather is 80% of your conversation. This frightens me with it's truth.

*Down south to you means Iowa.

*You call highways "freeways."

*Snow tires came standard on your car.

*You have no concept of public transportation. (Lived in NYC just long enough to learn what I'm missing.)

*75% of your graduating high school class went to the Univ. of Minnesota. (Only 40% went to college at all, most to community college.)

*You know more than 1 person that has hit a deer.

*People from other states love to hear you say words with "o"s in them. I was party entertainment in NY

*You know what and where "Dinkytown" is. I grew up on this damn campus.

*"Perkins" was a popular hangout option in high school.

*You have no problem saying or spelling "Minneapolis." Duh.

*You can list all the "Dales." *feels shame*

*You hate "Fargo" but realize that a lot of your family has that accent. (We speak "city" Minnesotan. It's slightly less grating.)

*You get mad at people who think Fargo is in Minnesota. (Nope. Just mock them visciously.)

*Your school classes have been canceled because of snow or cold. Really, I think "cold" is the only uniquely Minnesotan bit here.

*You know what Mille Lacs is and how to spell it.

*You assume when you say "The Cities" people know where you are referring to.

*You know what the numbers 694, 494, I-94, 394 mean. Of course. They're the number of minutes you'll be parked on that stretch of road during rush hour.

*You have tried boiled fish in lye at Christmas.

*You know the 2 sports-related reasons why we hate Dallas. This was almost a "no," but then I remembered the second one.

*Nothing gets you madder than seeing a Green Bay sticker on a MN car. (Uh, three letters: GWB. Amongst myriad other things.)

*You know what "uff-da" means and how to use it properly. And every day I bang my head on something hard, just to see of I can erase it from my lexicon.

*You can pinpoint exactly where each scene in "Untamed Heart" was filmed. Had a friend who lived in the neighborhood while it was being filmed. Yet another childhood memory made mundane by the Big City.

*You can spot the three-second cameo appearance by "The Artist formerly Known as Prince" in "Fargo." (Shit, Prince was in that? I never made it through more than half an hour of the damn thing. And how old it this quiz, anyway?)

*You're a loyal Target shopper.

*You've licked frozen metal.

*The only reason you go to Wisconsin is to get fireworks or to fish. (The only reason I go to Wisconsin is to get booze after liquor stores in Duluth have closed.)

*You own an ice house, a snowmobile, and a 4-wheel drive vehicle. (N to the O. I own an AWD car. And don't you say the word snowmobile to me.)

*You wear shorts when it's 50 degrees outside in March, but bundle up and complain in August when it goes below 60. Guilty.

*You know people that have more fishing poles than teeth.

*You remember WLOL. I remember most incarnations, even. Including the current one.

*It feels like the Mississippi is everywhere you go. It is. I never lived more than a mile and a half from it before I left for university.

*When you talk about "opener" you are not talking about cans.

*You have gone Trick-or-Treating in 3 feet of snow. (I was grounded that year. I ended up feeling lucky.)

*You know that when it comes to AM, there is only WCCO, besides, what else do you need? (Uh... Radio K?)

*You know what the word SPAM stands for -- in more ways than one.

*You carry jumper cables in your car. Doesn't everyone?

*You drink "POP," not "SODA" (I drink soda most of the time, fizzy drinks when I'm feeling international, and pop only when my family and friends start making fun of me for "soda.")

*There was a time when you were SO proud that Soul Asylum is from MN. STFU, bitch, I'm still proud. *is dorq*

*In a conversation you heard someone say "yah, sure, you betcha" and you didn't laugh.

*Everyone you know has a cabin. (Not everyone. Just most of them.)

*You get sick of people asking you where Paisley Park is. (I heart the small, strange man. Why would I mind? *is total dorq*)

*You know that Lake Wobegon isn't real and you know who made it up, where they live, and exactly what to do about it. Hell, I used a G.K. piece in speech competitions one year.

Yay, that was fun. You know you want to do your own:-)


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