Sunday, July 18, 2004

1. My mother is still quite drugged. She spent five minutes today telling me about the dream she keeps having, "with the strange pictures... keep changing... and I'm not aslees... they're states... I dream America." I can't wait to ask her about that one once she's no longer sailing the Vicodan Sea.

2. I have finally gotten the ergo keyboard that I've been promising myself for awhile now. The wrists love it, but the shoulder is starting to complain again. Possibly I should quit this sociology stuff and go to work somewhere that doesn't require computer use. I'm sure this possibility will become a true threat to my schooling, right after I fgure out what that job could possibly be.

3. ESTHER IS COMING HOME!!!!!!!!! This is the reason my day today truly rules. she will be back, and she will even be back before school starts, which means that I will actually get to see her before disappearing into the vortex of stress at about mid-term. I forsee good times.


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