Sunday, January 23, 2005


I am suffering a massive headache this evening, and was discussing my zombie-like state with Friend Bill:

Me: brains...
Bill: lol eat brains?
Bill: heeheehee sorry, I have none
Me: what's a poor zombie to do?
Bill: hmmmm... I dunno, invade a college, or something...
Me: mmm... pickled brains
Bill: heeheehee no, that's a fraternity
Me: no, that's most of my undergrads regardless of affiliation. they're such waste-oids
Bill: lol gotcha...
Bill: is that pickled brains or smoked brains?
Me: both or either
Me: or simply, yes
Bill: heeheehee of course

And in testament to how brain challenged I am, this post took two tries to compose, and an awful lot of extraneous cutting and pasting.


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