Sunday, September 03, 2006

Water Problems

It rained at Fest yesterday. This is not actually the problem that the title refers to, as we stay nice and dry (mostly) under our waterproof (mostly) canopy. We even have a a little overhang outside the info booth, so we become quite popular when rain sets in. THAT'S where my difficulties began.

Festie: *is vaguely handsome, posessed increadibly sexy leather gauntlets, and begins flirting with me.*
Me: *is flummoxed, socially inept, and not in a very "fest" mood; reaches for mug to take a sip of water, buy some time, think up vaguely flirtations response.* *SPLASHES WATER OUT OF MUG ONTO VAGUELY SEXY FESTIE IN FAILED ATTEMPT AT DRINKING* Well, and here you were trying to keep from getting wet!
Festie: 'Twas more an excuse to talk to the beautiful maidens of the realm.
Me: Even if they have drinking problems?

Understand, this was witnessed by several people, including E's folks. They very kindly do not make fun of me. Until the festie walks away, I try to take another drink, and nearly aspirate it because I start laughing as soon as the mug hits my lips. So I'm laughing and choking, and E's mom asks what's funny, and I explain. And then I do it AGAIN. I swear, I could not take a drink of water for the rest of the afternoon without nearly killing myself.

The moral of the story: I really am That Bad.


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