Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wherein I love the Internets

Y'all, the tubes have massively entertained me for the past week. I've been a bad blogger, though, and Real Life has been distracting, so I'll highlight the entertainment with the two links I've still got open in tabs.

First off, Potter Dorks, we have My 'Crux. Why yes, it is a filk of "My Humps" that pays homage to Voldemort's Horcruxes. Why yes, it is hilarious.

Second, comics dorks, The infamous Mary Jane statue, and Adam Hughes's response to those crazy feminists. Now normally I'd be one of those crazy feminists, but the most entertaining thing for me is that anyone's taking this shitty art seriously. Because I do believe that someone actually sculpted her over their long-lost Gumby Doll, after stretching it out quite a bit. I get that showing hipbone is considered sexy these days, but if she were human-sized those bad boys would be a good four inches above the waistline of her pants, which would have to rise to somewhere near the middle of her ass to achieve the effect. Or else she's got a severely enlarged pelvis that comes to somewhere near the middle of her tummy.

The art is bad. Yes, there are plenty of problematic gender issues to be discussed here, and Hughes acts like a complete douche in his response to them, but I can't seem to make it past the basic badness. Come, fly away with me on my giant flapping pelvis!

Possibly it's time for bed now.


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