Sunday, September 07, 2003

Cheap thrills day!!!!

Went to the Renaissance Festival, dressed in lots of fest garb in 90 degree heat. Met my salvation in the form of a water seller who offered the best ren-fest service EVER: he stuck his hands in ice water and rubbed them on the faces and necks of lovely young women (and me). This was especially hilarious after I bought myself new clothes (yay! I no longer have to beg and borrow!), which greatly increased the area of skin not covered by my neckline. Water seller, it should be noted, was highly cute (bearing in mind the fact that many have recently questioned my taste in "cute," you may or may not believe this), and had what appeared to be a love affair with my hand. He kissed it rather... lingeringly on more than one occasion. I suspect this to be because it put him at eye level with said lowered neckline.

We ate very little for a fest day, as it was too hot to be hungry. I finally got to stay for all of drum jam, and danced til my little feet almost couldn't hold me up. Twas amazing. With so many drums encircling the dancers, the beat just kind of moves up through you and moves your body of its own accord. Just try to stay still. Especially if you're a dancing freak like me.

Am knackered now. Came home and found Esther on line, had a huge chat with her -- YAY!!!! Shall see her again for the final weekend of fest in a few weeks. Can't Wait!


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