Thursday, September 04, 2003

Walked all the way across the bridge to Boynton Health service (and far inferior food options) to have my eyeglasses looked at, as one of the arms is in the process of breaking. The very kind woman there took them, played with the little springy things, then said, "yep... it's in the process of breaking... be careful with it." I could have stayed on West Bank, gone to seven corners, and had a decent meal in the time it took me trek over there and not get my glasses fixed, then run off with a to-go bagel. And when the arm of these things breaks off next week, I'm gonna be pissed.

Slightly bitchy today. Had a major case of "oh shit I have to introduce myself to a class" heebie-jeebies. Sounded like the world's largest mouse. How fucking embarassing. Am considering seeking medication for this, as it's frankly getting ridiculous. On the other hand, I'm freakish enough without drugs.


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