Tuesday, September 02, 2003

The fates are cruel and awful. I had me a shiny new TA position, 50%, not writing intensive -- not a class I WANTED, like political soc, but less likely to drive me into the ground, like political soc and gender combined. It was taken away from me by a 20 minute overlap with one of my courses. 20 MINUTES!!!!!

However, what the fates take away, they give back in other places. It now looks as though political soc may have gone to 50 enrolled. Cross your fingers for me -- this would mean I get to keep my sanity and the course I want (and Darren, whom I didn't get to speak with as much as I wanted to today. I have to act all professional around you. I love having you in class, but you may have to wait until next term to see how nutty I can really be when I'm not supposed to be a role model for you).

I can't wait to hear Ryan laugh over the role model bit.


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