Saturday, September 27, 2003

So, I'm either a lightweight, or a very ill person who hasn't been able to eat all week. I had the requisite two 12 ounce servings of fishbowl last night, along with some chips and dip and a s'more which, in retrospect, were the only food I had consumed all day. My IM description of events to Denny:

Me: I think I threw up, but can't remember, as at one point, which is strangely long after I got done drinking, the night just became... Incomprehensible
Denny: how so?
Me: I remember the world turning weird, walking away for a while but having no idea how long, going back to where my friends were and I think laying on someone (which should be mortifying, but as I'm not sure it happened, I'll just assumed that I fell asleep and dreamed it), and, then I wasn't able to get back to my house under my own steam, so someone had to help me, only I didn't want help so I almost fell down, and I ended up sleeping on my kitchen floor.
Denny: good lord. That's one wacky game show. [this is now my favorite phrase ever]

Yes, the best night of sleep I've had all week took place on my kitchen floor. If any of you who were there want to fill in the details for the amusement of those who weren't, feel free. I supposed I should ask if I did anything embarrassing, but there were no single guys there to attempt to take advantage of, so my usual venue for making an ass of myself was mercifully unavailable.

Now, I shall go eat. Because really, nothing says "you need to eat more" like a night spent on your kitchen floor after only two drinks.


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