Monday, September 22, 2003

Trina has joined us in the blog world. Her first post is on hobbies, and I replied in a ranting email that I realized I should probably be posting it here rather than subjecting her to my emailed blather. So, in the tradition of the indecisive everywhere, I decided to do both:

My email to Trina:
Good for you!!!

Can be very therapeutic, I find.

Re: hobbies -- a few of mine, in case they spark inspiration: sewing, crochet, kayaking, various online communities, blogging(!), photography, occasional recreational writing, reading (I'll read anything, especially when I need a break from the reading I'm supposed to be doing -- it's refreshing, like a mental morning shower), travel, theater, tap... hundreds that I'm constantly forgetting, until I get an inspiration and pick them up again. I go in spurts with them, and sometimes don't get around to them for months at a time. I think part of the importance of hobbies for me is knowing that I could be doing them, that they're part of who I am. By extension, much of the time, this goes hand in hand with remembering that I am not solely a student, a scholar, a sociologist, all of which can be weighty and confining titles at times.

One of the scariest moments of my first year came when I was met with disapproval when I suggested that there are times in my life that I do not want to talk or think about sociology. Thankfully, most sane people in the department have not echoed this sentiment. I can't imagine handling one defining, master identity for the rest of my life. I know that, in American culture, the tendency is to identify people by their careers, but as I tend to retire at some point, I'd like to have a number of "things I do" in my bag of tricks -- variety is the spice of life, right?

So, this seems to have turned into a rant, which I should probably post on my own blog -- and probably will, with a link to yours. I'm glad you're blogging -- I think it's a great way to keep in touch with yourself and others.


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