Friday, October 10, 2003

Call from Chris:

Chris: I'm calling to apologize for waking you this morning.
CJ: You didn't wake me.
Chris: Yes I did.
CJ: I wasn't asleep.
Chris: Yes you were. I'm sorry I woke you.
CJ: YOU DIDN'T WAKE ME! *walks into dryer door, creates giant ruckus* See, I'm gonna wreck my house in exasperation -- You didn't wake me.
Chris: Yes I did. I'm sorry.

Really, this is just an excerpt. The whole thing went on for at least five minutes. For the record, I was not asleep when he called this morning. I was disoriented for a number of reasons:
1) Had not slept well, as The Best Friend has been in the process of going into labor since last night. If there's a chance that I'll have to get up in the middle of the night, I don't sleep well. You should have seen me when I was on call for whole weeks at a time.
2) The Best Friend is HAVING A BABY! I have known her since forever. One moment it seems surreal, the next profound, the next it just seems like an ordinary day.
3) I was trying to determine the relative importance of making it to class (half an hour farther from where I'll need to be when Baby decides to come) and actually being there when Baby is born (I skipped class. Baby was not born. Likely, if I had not skipped class, Baby would have been born. Does this mean Best Friend can beat me up for prolonging her labor?).
4) I was also trying to get classwork done, to make up for the fact that I would likely be skipping class today. Got a fair chunk accomplished. Nyah.
5) I was confused as to why my phone told me that Trina was calling, yet I was hearing Chris's voice (Jon will find this juxtaposition especially funny, given our voice discussion in the office yesterday.

So, no, I was NOT ASLEEP at ten o'clock on a weekday. My alarm had gone off at 4:30. So there. I have been going quietly crazy all day. I cannot imagine how insane I would be if I were the one having the kid *loves the Kelly*. Can't wait to meet the little bugger.


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