Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Marriage Protection Week - Purpose

Not to drag this on, but I surfed onto the actual "purpose" of Homophobia Protection Week. Favorite quote: "Their efforts are intended to force, by law, 97% of Americans to bow down to the desires of the approximately 3% who are homosexuals."

I love the inference that straight people have to somehow change their marrying ways, should gay folk be allowed to wed. Also that no straight person could possibly be in favor of gay marriage. This is not even thinly veiled homophobia anymore: this is honest-to-goodness, they're-coming-for-our-children paranoia. These people have clearly been misdirected: they were on their way to the state hospital for their intensive antipsychotic drug therapy when they took a wrong turn and ended up in Washington.

The only way three percent of the people are going to oppress 97% of the people is if they each have a few million dollars of disposable income and enough friends in high places who can be bought. Oh, wait...


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