Saturday, October 04, 2003

Hello again! It would appear that I have fixed most of my browser problems, so I am able to post again.

First, the note that I sent around this afternoon, after spending half an hour cracking up at my mom and her "whatever":

I knocked on my mom's door this morning, and Len answered. I sat on the bed to BS with them, and stayed with them for about half an hour. During this time, I heard/suffered threesome jokes, anal sex jokes, and the surprisingly vanilla definition of "indecent," which finally sent me away, claiming to be too young to joke like this with my mother. The definition? If it's long enough, hard enough, and in far enough, it's in decent.

Yes folks, I'm officially old: my mother was unphased by my presence in the room for all of this. Additionally, in reference to my lofted bed, Len commented: "well, she won't be screwing midgets." The mind boggles.

Other things that happened today:

1. I tried to find jeans at Old Navy. Again. I really think it would be easier to lose the weight it would take to get me into my old jeans than to find a 12 regular at any of their stores. Bugger.

2. On the up side, I got an email from the Minnesota Daily confirming a letter to the editor that I wrote, so it looks like I may be published again. In conjunction with the guy-related luck of yesterday, and the fact that one of my professors used my work as an exemplar in class on Thursday, this week has completely rocked my socks.

3. I went on an hour long walk with the mother in the lovely twilight. The temp was just perfect, and it felt good to be doing something that counts as exercise. Hopefully, making this a regular thing will make the strange buzzing sensation in my right leg go away -- and strengthen my legs so that I can start running again.

Not much else to report. I'll keep everyone posted on the Daily situation, and if they run my piece I'll link it (if not, I'll post it). An assignment, for when I do: spot the wording that was intended to get it published. That's right, folks: I toned down my argument to pander to a wider audience. As I said to some folks, I am so going to hell for this.

Off to do some proper work.


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