Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Not to beat the topic into the ground, but here's my deal with the "digits."

Do real people actually do this? I mean, I've talked to him on two different occasions, both of which took place at a Renaissance festival, with both of us in costume. Now, I'm no expert on either drama or human interaction (er... except that I've spent most of my adult life studying drama or human interaction), but it seems like this is not the most genuine of beginnings. I was certainly surprised and terribly flattered that he remembered me after a whole month. Also, there was the whole massive hand kissing, declaring me "yummy," and hugging me every time I walked by bit. Highly cute. But how much of this was in "character," an act for the sake of the situation?

I mean, it's not like this is an everyday interaction for me:
Me: do you have a name that I can call you?
Him: you can call me anything you like.
Me: but can I call you any TIME I like?
Him: of course.

This is not everyday life for me. Is it really normal for me to be considering actually dialing that number, rather than laughing it off as an ego trip the same way I do when Ryan and I go to bars looking for digits? I know all my girls have jumped on the "you have to call him" bandwagon, but I'm not so sure about that. It just feels entirely fake, and completely unfamiliar.

You know, every time I even consider "playing the game" I begin to see the potential benefits of living to a ripe old age with only cats for company.


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