Thursday, October 16, 2003

Quick takes again:
1) Cannot get the dam cable internet installed and authenticated because "Comcast servers are probably down right now. Please try again later." Grrr.

2)My mom is almost as bad as me, and determined to torment the fainthearted of my friends:
Mom: Why doesn't Chris [celebrate his birthday]?
Me: He's a dork.
Mom: Is that another religion?
Me: *groan*
Mom: Is that an Eastern religion?
Me: *sees where this is going; groans*
Mom: Eastern, like from NEW JERSEY?

3) Mom is really just still bitter because I wouldn't let her make NJ jokes when we had just cut the phone line to our house:
Me: *talking on phone with Chris, making fun my mom*
Mom: Is that Chris? [I swear, she's got radar.]
Me: Yes.
Mom: Don't tell me they never cut their phonelines in NEW JERSEY!
Me: Mom, we just CUT OUR OWN PHONELINE! You have no reason to be making fun of anyone else right now.
Chris: You MOM is making fun of me? [Witness: voice raised at least two octaves there.]

4) Trina is making a birthday for me! Twenty-five shall not go unacknowledged.

5) Went to bed at eleven. Fell asleep around midnight. Got up at four. Am going to bed now.



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