Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Too much to do.

Quick notes from the past couple days:
1) BABY!!!
2) Some people relax by taking warm baths. I write letters to the editor.
3) Got cable internet and TV. May someday even have time to set it up.
4) Ordered wireless router. Will be able to sit in back yard and surf. Just in time for snow.
5) Talked to Ryan re: casting for Prisoner of Azkaban. He is woefully behind the times.
6) Quit grad school no fewer than five times.
7) Ran into someone I grew up with at St. Martin's Table. Being waited on makes me feel even guiltier when I know the waiter.
8) Passionately want to drop one of my classes. This would probably be political suicide. On the other hand, the course has the potential to be academic suicide. Bother.
9) Have created one half of a syllabus for a course that I will probably never get to teach. Bother.
10) Almost defenestrated the iBook today when it mysteriously shut itself off and WOULDN'T COME BACK ON!!!! Jon fixed it. Thank god for Jon.
11) There is no number eleven.

Gotta go grade papers, type field notes, read 300 pages, and write a paper.


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