Friday, October 10, 2003

Letters to the editor - The Minnesota Daily

Hey look, someone built a straw man from my letter!!! I am forced to concede the "overwraught" bit (I'm a whore for publication, woo hoo!), but apart from that, his critique is one of the most hilarious examples of misconstruing someone else's argument for your own purposes I've seen since grading intro papers.

I debated a response, but it's really not worth trying with someone who can equate pulling a stranger onto your lap, holding her there, and squeezing her tits with plain old, unintimidating flirting. I'd like to see him try to say no from any face-to-face request made by Arnie, sexual or not.

And really, the man was woefully uninformed abour the sheer number of candidates in that race if he thinks I would ever have backed Arnie. Also, his definition of irony needs fine-tuning.

Props to Keith for pointing this out -- I nearly fell out of bed laughing.

Also, still no baby. Grrr.


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