Tuesday, April 27, 2004

One of the "special deals" offeren me through the amazon.com "gold box" thing today was Molecular Biology of the Cell. Not that, at a price lower than a hundred smackers, I would NEVER buy this (dorq that I am). Rather, why the hell would they be offering it? Is this a general interest item? Because it appeared right between a special DVD edition of "The Hulk" and some anonymous pop CD, so I'm left humming "one of these things just doesn't belong here."

In other news, there was WAY TOO MUCH HOT in my day. Seriously. First, hot Matt #2: very hot new haircut. Plus, hair was wet. As has previously been observed, Matt does wet very well. THEN! Tap was taught by substitute Hot Tap Guy. He was a bit with the overly masculine mumbling -- only one of the guys in my class showed up today, so he was facing a class of fit, tank-top wearing females... myself naturally excluded... moving on -- but was a far different kind of tapper, which made for Learning New Things. We kept a baseline going and took turns improving which was not so cool, as we have no skillz with the improv. But oh! His turn: holy feet, batman. Also, his music of choice was Prince. I asked after class which album, and he confirmed my suspicion that it was Musicology, which means I'll have to go drop more money this weekend as it was wonderful.

The HOT just about outweighed the SUCK of my Awful Class, wherein the professor told me (condescendingly) that because her research uses ETHNOGRAPHY, she is magically able to formulate and test hypotheses using the same dataset. This dataset? Twenty years old. SO MANY ISSUES, and she's implying that I know nothing about research methods? Bitch, please.

This moment of dorq brought to you by the many other things that I should be doing.


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