Sunday, May 09, 2004

"I think the other point that no one is making about the abuse photos is just the disproportionate number of women involved, including a girl general running the entire operation."

This woman makes me ill. Women are too "vicious" to serve? Lady, do you realize how fucking stupid you sound, how ahistorically clueless? This shit has been a wartime tradition for as long as war has been around, and certainly as long as the US has been around. It is sanctioned by military command, so long as it is kept on the QT. Guess what? Women soldiers aren't much different from their male counterparts. They receive the same indoctrination, suffer the same terror, and ultimately are capable of the same disrespect for the humanity of the enemy. If anything, this makes an argument that no one should be in the military.

Oh, shut up. I'm not suggesting we disband the armed forces. I'm just sick of the way we keep acting before thinking, until something like this attempts to remind us that war really ought to be a measure of last resort. Only, we don't listen; instead, we place the blame on those who lack the power to change the way we operate.

The fact that this small minded tripe is coming from the mouths of anti-feminist women who are reaping many of the rewards of various feminist movements just puts the icing on it. Take your agendas and shove them somewhere pleasurable, ladies. Since you seem to get off on twisting history and misdirecting blame.


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