Sunday, June 13, 2004

It would seem that my two most likely sources of income for next semester are rather dubious. Katherine and I were chatting about which of the two possibilities would be preferable:

Kat: LOL
CJ: geeze, when you put it that way
Kat: Hmm, need secret option #3.
CJ: win a nillion dollars?
CJ: million
CJ: nails are getting too long to type
Kat: That's a good one. Play the lottery!
CJ: yes! my grad school financing plan involves the powerball!
Kat: Maybe they will give you 10K to spend on tickets. That would be nice.
CJ: yes. I should get the lottery fellowship.
CJ: also, I'm blogging this idea, in case someone with money picks up on it.


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