Monday, June 21, 2004

More memeage:

Last Cigarette:: bummed one at SRI to keep from killing
Last Alcoholic Drink:: haven''t been drinking -- G&T, most likely, at least a month ago
Last Car Ride:: yesterday, to and from Tim's for D&D
Last Kiss:: my dad, saturday; can't remember last tongue action
Last Good Cry:: whadda you care?
Last Library Book checked out:: likely something sociology related
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:: PoA
Last Book Read:: Hamlet
Last Movie Rented:: Pirates of the Caribbean
Last Cuss Word Uttered:: fuck
Last Beverage Drank:: mmm... water
Last Food Consumed:: oatmeal
Last Crush:: are there actually people who post this in public?
Last Phone Call:: just got off the phone with dad, who is becoming a computer genius
Last TV Show Watched:: West Wing re-run last night
Last Time Showered:: yesterday afternoon
Last Shoes Worn:: ubiquitous chaco sandals
Last CD Played:: Prince, The Hits, volume I
Last Item Bought:: a book for dad for father's day (an encyclopedia of guns)
Last Download:: stuff Jon sent me (does that count?)
Last Annoyance:: three guesses, you'd probably get it right
Last Disappointment:: teaching evals
Last Soda Drank:: Coke
Last Thing Written:: IM conversation with Jon
Last Key Used:: house key, when I came home yesterday
Last Word Spoken:: what the heck are you doing? (cat hijinks)
Last Sleep:: this morning (fell asleep at five, finally)
Last IM:: Jon, re: music, research, and Chris the devil
Last Sexual Fantasy:: well it certainly had nothing to do with ninja turtles, despite the numerous "turtle porn" google searches that have brought people here
Last Weird Encounter:: dance class last week... real dancers are foreign to me
Last Ice Cream Eaten:: Cherry Garcia
Last Time Amused:: IM with Jon
Last Time Hugged:: um... mom or dad, this past weekend
Last Time Scolded:: I've stopped paying attention to scoldings
Last Time Resentful:: yesterday was bad, but I still feel it today; stupid work stuff
Last Chair Sat In:: spinny chair... whee!
Last Underwear Worn:: bugger off, stupid list
Last Bra Worn:: really, no one here cares
Last Shirt Worn:: grey dragon shirt
Last Webpage Visited:: Frogblog


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