Thursday, September 16, 2004

Dear Blog Minions,

Over the past twenty minutes I have found on hundred and one hilarious, thought-provoking, and cool things online. Unfortunately, there's only time to blog one. I'm gonna cheat, though, and blog this blog entry about it, because the background is really the coolest part. Especially the part about protest getting too serious.

My extended absences from this blog are a sure sign that school has started again. Do you remember the part in Alice in Wonderland (or was it Through the Looking Glass? I forget) where she has to run double-time just to stay in the same place? I feel like I have to read twice as fast this term just to stay manageably behind. These outside-of-my-discipline courses are kicking my ass.

Much hurried love,

EDIT: If you can show me that sexuality is in fact a transhistorical metanarrative, I'll give you a cookie. Because I want to argue with the pretentious twit who thought that by summing up an author's argument in more complex terms than they were already written s/he'd get points for a reaction paper without actually reacting to anything. Which s/he will, of course. Grad school: all it really teaches you is enough fifty cent words to brownnose your way to distinction.


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