Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Monster in My Closet

So. I recently made my cat a very nice cat bed, which sits on the very wide sill of my basement window and allows Tom to commune with the various fauna that frequent my window well. In the true way of cats, he has found many less convenient places that he prefers to sleep, including this one:

Look closely at that navy sweater:

That's right: it is now a kitty bed. One that sits less than a foot from my ceiling. See, there were no critters in the window, so he trotted down my bed, across my dresser, and onto my sweater shelf.

Then, as I was loading the pictures to show you all how my life has become ruled by cat-ness, this happened:

Yes, I finally gave up and set the card reader ON the cat, as my lap was taken and the desk was a mess.


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