Saturday, December 25, 2004

Happy Giftmas! (I brought you a misanthropic rant)

Best present: my cousin's unit is being deployed to... Russia! Land of pelmeni, piroshki, borscht, banyas, crappy soviet architecture, and most importantly, relatively few explosions! I think I shall watch my Cheburashka DVD in celebration.

Moving on, I feel I must kvetch: I am so sick of punk. Not the music, obviously, because I don't know from music, but the "genre lifestyle(s)." Get the fuck over yourselves. I don't care if you're straightedge, if you're a "true" gutter punk, if you "really" espouse DIY. You get all fucking upset about labels in your clothes, so instead you place them on your life. Real edgy, that. Like, no one's EVER tried it.

And I really wouldn't say a fucking thing, except liek, OMG, you've got an el jay community where you can talk about the straight boys you're teaching to knit because they're fo' realz, yo, and don't care about teh stereotypes, OMG! Learn a fucking history lesson, you bratty kid. Number one: when you brag about taking care of all of your boyz by not drinking and looking out for them when they're fucked up, you are not breaking any stereotypes. I don't care how dirty your hair is. Number two: men were the original knitters. That's right, it was a trade, at least in some parts of the world (most likely the parts you're descended from), which means women's participation was largely covert, if present, and probably restricted to the home. So STFU, you're not a revolutionary, you're another smelly kid with an overdeveloped attachment to the idea of being unique by being like everyone else in your "alternative" scene. Do you want a fucking cookie?


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