Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Health Stuff

1) Mental: crappy. Have spent last week on zombifying drugs. Sleep schedule has reversed itself such that I have been awake for about eight hours each day. Have started long-term, low-side-effects meds and asked for incomplete in history class in hops of dealing with this more healthfully.

2) Physical: marginal. Knee hurts, but will be fixed. There is much red tape between me and my knee surgery, though. First, had to call surgeon's secretary to make appointment. She had to call around in order to find a time to sneak me in before I go back to school, then call me back. Then I had to call BC/BS to make sure that I'm covered at Fairview Southdale (I am). Then I had to call my primary to schedule a pre-op physical. Primary's schedule is only out through the end of December. I'll have to call back after the holidays.

In other news, will be out of town next week. Will hopefully relax by pool and do mindless transcription work in hopes of easing burnout. Must remember to remind father that walking will be limited. Bother, as I love hiking in the winter, and would have loved to abscond with Robert into the woods. Next year, I suppose.

Sorry I'm not so cheery today. Maybe tomorrow.


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