Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Happy BlogDay

Frog pointed out that today is BlogDay (and kindly plugged my blog in the doing), so I figured I should actually post today.

I've been mostly occupied with watching the crisis on the Gulf Coast. All of the news is appalling: the damage, the slow relief operations, the initial refusal to assist those who couldn't afford their own transport in evacuating, the fact that even the busses stopped running two days before the storm hit, the fact that much of the emergency gear that could have saved lives is inexplicably in Iraq. This is why you wait until last resort to call out the National Guard: they, and their toys, are needed at home.

And this demonstrated why you don't choose to defund hurricane preparedness in favor of increased security spending. People. When you've got a city thaqt sits below sea level, you don't scrimp on the funding. Weather can create as much terror and suffering as bombs can.

Of course, our Attorney General has decided that terrorism shouldn't be top priority, either. What should be? Porn. Child porn, you ask? No, I reply. Plain old "obscenity" between consenting adults. I'm not even going to make an argument about policing other people's morals here. Instead, I'll just say thaqt this government is making me want my fucking money back. And when you consider I don't normally mind paying taxes, that should say something.

So, you're sick of all this light-hearted faffery, yeah? OK, here's a serious link for you: Animated Kitties. That ought to hit your "aww" buttons.

I'm leaving tomorrow for Up North (this is Minnesotan for anywhere north of the Twin Cities, but I'll be WAY up north, on the shore of a truly Superior lake). I'm madly scrambling for both relaxation and organization, as my syllabus is still not complete for the course I"m teaching this term. Fear my procrastination skillz.

Oh, and E.? That email that I predicted I'd get on Monday night? The one from you-know-who, about you-know-what that I announced at the orientation wing-ding? Yeah. Like clockwork, bay-bee.

Edited because I'm forgetful: Happy Birthday, Katherine!!!


Blogger funkysmell said...

Good luck with the herion thing.
Nice blog.

10:03 PM  
Blogger Turtle said...

LOL you forgot the "e", my Funky friend. It's nothing so dire as that!:-)

10:06 PM  
Blogger elw said...

Ha! That's funny. But I thought you guys weren't that close that you had to share significant life decisions with each other??? ;-)

5:54 AM  
Blogger Turtle said...


Thanks for taking care of the kitty, by the way. He's being a big turd right now, so hopefully he'll behave for you.

6:08 AM  

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