Monday, April 17, 2006


My mom's Whatever is in town this week, and things have become... a bit tense. This tends to happen when you put one woman who had given up on marriage and embraced a long-distance relationship for it's distance; a woman who hates the entire idea of having a romantic relationship with anyone (except maybe the sex part, but even that's not really worth the rest of the hassle); and a real Man's Man disguised as an aging hippy in a small house with one bathroom, a neurotic cat, and not enough food. It could make some reality TV vulture very rich.

Anyroad, mom and I were venting, and she stops abruptly and says, "I should stop. I don't want to put you off men entirely." Me: "don't worry, men have alread managed that pretty well themselves." Mom: "it's just, they're better when they're older. And you're older. And you tend to forget more." Me: "So you're saying senility helps." Mom: "Well... yeah."

Words of wisdom, ladies and gents. Also, apparently we really are ignoring that little "I like both boys AND girls" talk we had in high school. Oh, well, it's her heart attack. (Don't ask. That drama llama has been put to pasture. She can deal with it if I ever bring a chick home, I'm done with the "coming out" part of my life.)


Anonymous Jon said...

Did you say drama llama?

8:06 AM  
Blogger Bill said...

good thing I'm not a man, I'm just Bill...

9:35 AM  

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