Monday, September 11, 2006

Empty to Disgusted in Five Years Flat

"You know how I feel whenever this day rolls around again? Annoyed. I resent the oblivious flag-waving and trumpet-blowing. It's always the loudest when it comes from those with no context for the attacks -- the T-shirt-wearing contingent, who seem to think that the World Trade Center was a big shopping mall and that their mall could be next, unless they paint their own feces red, white and blue, then show it off to their neighbors. Towers that they never knew existed are now dry wood for their stoves of warmongering rhetoric."

What he said.

I'm sick of largely unaffected politicos using my former home to fuel their fear-based attacks on civil liberties. Hell, I'm sick of living amongst the sheep who buy it. Legislation does not prevent terrorism; a refusal to be afraid prevents terrorism. War does not kill terrorists; humane treatment of all people in political, social, and economic exchanges removes the desire to create terror. And wearing a t-shirt, or a fucking rubber-band bracelet does not show that you've "remembered" the fallen; refusing to be afraid, refusing to dehumanize our "enemies" is the only rememberance that does them any justice.

I wasn't gonna post today. I'm completely annoyed by election year fear-mongering on all sodes, and I was home sick with a sinus infection that made me even crankier than usual. I don't want to "tell my story;" if you've heard it you know it, and if you haven't you've heard a million like it. I used to live there; I don't any more. I started being annoyed the minute a friend told me, three days after the towers fell, that he didn't get why I was "so affected" by this. Because clearly someone living in the middle of Minnesota shouldn't give two fucks about that old island. My annoyance has slowly devolved into disgust over the past five years, and it's hard to get beyond that now. You want rememberance, turn on your TV; I'm done making a spectacle of my grief.


Blogger Serena said...

you cant understand what emense joy i recieved when i heard that in horribly poor taste WTC movie movie bombed in NY. I was hoping it would fail. I dont know which I found more offensive, that they offered free earlier screenings to NYPD and FDNY families earlier this summer (I know people who were giving away tickets since they all declined to go) or the fact that Nicolas Cage had some godawful 1970's undercover cop mustache in the damn thing. wtf?! it pisses me off every time i see it just because!

of course, i completely agree with you that having 9/11 brought up as a battle cry excuse for everything the current regieme wants to do in their War on Terrorâ„¢ is a disgrace and it also, it boggles my mind how "affected" everyone in the midwest was. i mean not that it shouldnt have to affect you more than say someone who has never lived here, but it has always confused the heck out of me how bible belters and midwesterners always seem to have been more personally touched by 9/11 and more afraid since 9/11 than people here who have actually lived through 9/11! thankfully, i was fortunate enough not to have lost anyone who worked there and ironically enough i was actually planning on going to building #7 later in that week, which, for obvious reseasons never happened. long story short, i think alot of us out there a sick of what became of "9/11" and frankly im tired of this poor excuse for the new american catch phrase.

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