Sunday, December 17, 2006

Busy Bee

Work has been a bear, so I've not had time to stealth blog from there. Home has been busy as well, as I've been helping with preperations for a holiday I don't celebrate. Also, cramming all of life into weekends is a bitch, but I'm normally too tired after work to have much of a life. I'm at this job through March, and it's started feeling like some sort of crucible, a trial-by-fire to see exactly how much work I can do before cracking from the pressure of ending every day exhausted and magically still broke.

Don't get me started on the still broke bit. Did you know that when you start making more than minimum payments on your credit cards, they'll cut your limit so that you've got to start paying overage fees? Fuckers.

Good news is I've been writing a bit (and I do mean a bit: I've got the first three paragraphs of a short story down). If you've been playing along at home, you may know that I bailed on nano (and had trouble in grad school) because sitting down to write something longer and of more consequence than a simple blog post usually causes me to have an honest-to-god panic attack. But tonight those three paragraphs just kinda tiptoed out of my fingers before I could get all crazy, so maybe there's more to come. A fool can hope, anyway.


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