Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Huh.  Apparently, someone bought it as promised in the promo.  I know I was watching the show, I just don't think I was paying attention.
Maybe that happened while my cousin was trying to set me up with his friend from college (kill me now).
I am now massively confused.
You can probably tell that I was massively unimpressed with last night's episode.  So many of the plotlines are just dragging like mad.  But I am loving the Claire-Peter interactions.  You gotta love a good "let me borrow your healing power so I don't die here"-based relationship (small r, not capital R; I'm not that much of a perv). 
While I love DL dearly, I'm bored out of my mind by the entire Nikki/DL/Cute Little Kid story.  Just freaking tell us what's up with her, before I die of boredom or wander off out of disinterest.  And really, no one with multiple personalities (or whatever her deal is) should be this freakin' boring.
I'm beginning to think the series would be better served by focusing on Hiro and Ando, with the others serving as supporting cast.  As it stands, it's like watching five or six different spin-offs, half of which are not all that interesting.
EDIT: And now I'm sending this again because Blogger doesn't want to accept emailed posts.  Dollars to doughnuts it posts twice.


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