Sunday, November 26, 2006

Three Days Into It

OK, it's three days into the X-mas season, and I've had it. I'm sick of the wall to wall carols on the oldies station, I'm sick of the "christmas spirit" that has sccer moms elbowing each other in the toy department, and I'm sick of the adverts that all want to tell me how best to monetarily prove to those I love that my love it real and backed up with trinkets.

If you want to celebrate Christmas (or any other seasonal festival, religious or otherwise) by buying gifts, go right ahead. If you want to include me in your celebratory gift-giving, consider donating here. I like to buy gifts for people when I find them, or when I'm thinking of someone specifically, or when I'm feeling particularly goofy. When I feel obligated to buy things because of a holiday I don't celebrate, I get cranky(ier?). Consumer culture makes me want to scream anyway, but couple it with mass-market emotional blackmail and I get a little psychotic.

Is it next year yet?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hearing Christmas music BEFORE Thanksgiving angers me to no end. I refuse to listen to it! Hell, even after Thanksgiving I dont want to hear it until atleast the week of Xmas. I mean really. There's like 10 Christmas songs put on cycle and played ENDLESSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Christmas day, (the one day I should be wanting to hear that crap) I'm just like "Turn this shit off!" A sentiment that is met with anger, might I add. But I mean really. Its too much! Too much.

You know, the army uses a similar techinque of repetitive music, but its used for psychological TORTURE!!! WTF?!

1:07 AM  
Blogger elw said...

Christmas shit was up in the skyways downtown before Thanksgiving. I hate that. And I "celebrate" Christmas! I just wish ALL the stores and everyone would go back to not putting up ANY Christmas shit until the day after Thanksgiving at the very least. Preferably December 1st or maybe just two weeks before the actual holiday. That would be great, then I wouldn't get sick of the whole thing before it even started. Didn't it used to be more that way when we were in elementary school? Or were we just clueless and our parents felt the way we do?

5:23 PM  

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