Saturday, November 11, 2006

Scenes from Insanity

I went to a dog's birthday party tonight. No, really. My young cousins and their parents threw a 5th birthday party for the dog, and I was somehow suckered into attending.

It was awesome.

Now, I don't get on with these kids too well. They have been referred to as The Bad Children every now and then, and generally live up to the name. But tonight was worth it for one specific incident involving the youngest child, S.

S: *runs into room, is heard before he is seen* I am... PANTS MAN! *is wearing three extra pairs of jeans, one on each arm, one around his head; the effect is of a slightly tattered and/or demented cape*

Family: ...

Me: *cracks up, hugs cousin*

S's Mom: Why don't you go put your jeans away, S, and come have cupcakes.

S: But I wanna be PANTS MAN.

Me: C'mon, Pants Man, let's go resume your secret civilian identity. *I herd him into the bedroom to put away the extra jeans*

S: But why can't I wear them?

Me: Every good hero needs a secret identity. That way no one wonders why S and Pants Man are never in the same room.

S: Oh. OK. *runs off to resume secret civilian identity*

Sometimes kids are just super.


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