Saturday, October 21, 2006

Notes from the Show

Dear Flogging Molly,

Y'all give good show. I haven't bounced around like that much of an idiot in quite a while -- and I stayed OUT of the pit.

Please come back soon, preferably to First Ave.


Dear overly-aggressive, scrawny teenaged boys at the 18-plus show,

I posess about twice your body mass, old-school stompy boots, and an urge to kill proto-punks who try to pick on my friends who are doing nothing but STANDING STILL LISTENING TO THE MUSIC. I could sit on you and do enough damage that you'd not be in the pit for at least six months. Get some fucking self respect, assholes.



Dear Zox,

I'm sorry I tried to miss your first-opener set. I'm also way glad I'm incapable of arriving fashionably late to anything, because you fucking ruled. The electrified get-down on the violin? Awesome.

Much love,


Dear straight-edge morons,

It's a dry venue. The black Xs that you put on your hands are nothing more than pretension. Also? Stop grinding on one another. You're off the beat, and completely disgusting.

Fuck off and die,


Dear U of M campus,

Thanks for hosting the show. Next time? If the tour comes with actors and clips hyping a really crappy sketch comedy show? Please consider providing alcohol. I know, I know, dry campus, but really? I was entirely too sober for that.

Trying to un-see things,


Dear tall man and tall woman who stood in front of us the whole night,

Please cease and desist the public displays of groping. Really. Or, at the very east, consider the restroom as a place to remove your OWN wedgies. I did NOT want to see you picking your girlfriend's ass, dude.

Can't un-see this, either.


Blogger Bill said...

Dear Blond Guy in Trenchcoat and Cowboy Boots,

Keep on rockin' it jig school.


9:40 AM  
Blogger frog said...

U of MN is dry? Holy crap.

12:56 PM  

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