Friday, September 29, 2006


Serena tagged me with a movie meme. I've never been tagged before, and probably don't know enough bloggers to tag five more, but we'll see how this goes!

1. Last movie you saw in the theater, and current release you still want to see:

Last movie in the theater was my third viewing of X3. Yes, I know, it's the weakest of the three movies in the franchise. Can you see me caring? I care all the way into the theater, I care all the way into my seat, I care as I'm making fun of everyone for not caring that a character has disappeared until a third of the movie is over, I care as I'm watching Phoenix telepathically strip Logan, I care as I'm rolling my eyes at "I'm the Juggernut, Bitch!" I just don't care enough not to watch it, because Things Go Boom and It Is Pretty.

The next movie I really want to see is The Prestige, and that doesn't open until October 20th. I don't see a lot of movies in the theater, because I often feel cheated when I do.

2. Last movie you rented or purchased for home viewing:

E&M brought over their Netflix copy of Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights the other night. I've seen it before, and love most of the music in it, and am obsessed with dance movies generally. My obsession is such that I will watch them without heed for the awfulness of their plot (or lack thereof) -- so long as they're renters, and I haven't paid $8.50 to see them.

3. A movie that made you laugh out loud:

I laugh out loud at everything. Most recently, my friends thought Snakes on a Plane had broken me.

4. A movie that made you cry:

Finding Neverland. I don't usually cry at movies anymore, but that one got me.

5. Movie critics loved but you were unimpressed by:

Most glaringly, American Beauty. I. Hate. This. Movie. I thought the "stunning visuals" were overblown and ham-handed, the characters ridiculous and the plot vapid. Of course, I usually think this of real-life suburbia as well, so perhaps the movie did it's job and I was just destined to hate it.

6. A movie you thought was better than the critics said it was:

Titan AE. It bombed entirely, and I loved it.

7. Favorite animated movie:

Meh, don't really have one. I don't dig anime, and I don't dig Disney, and I don't dig cutsey talking animals (though The Lion King is an exception to the last two, it was ruined for me by a documentary on the portrayal of race and gender in Disney films). I guess Titan AE, but it's more a movie that I really like that happens to be animated.

8. Favorite Disney Villian:

Scar. There are others?

9. Favorite Movie Musical:

West Side Story. It's all the best parts of the stage show without the crappy ballet, and with soem really bizarre changes made to suit the decency code of the time. (NB "I feel pretty" only became a queer anthem because they weren't allowed to say "I pity any girl who isn't me TONIGHT," which apparently implied sex. Hence, Instead of feeling pretty, witty and bright, our heroine feels gay. In the day. When no one ever does the nasty. Yeah, it makes my brain hurt, too.)

10. 5 Favorite movies of all time:

I think of this more of a sampling of my favorites than an inclusive list.

Silence of the Lambs
Pirates of the Caribbean
American History X
The Princess Bride

And now for the fun part: I tag Jon (yes, you have to), ELW (normally known around these parts as E), kanedax (may I associate your real name with your blog? I can't remember if that's OK with you), and anyine else who wants it -- comment if you're tagging yourself, so I can come read!


Blogger Bill said...

I'm on it, check before 5.

PS: feel free to use my name, since it usually comes up on my comments, anyway.

Like that!

3:55 PM  
Blogger Serena said...

heh, i am so totally going to see the prestige too. you so know its going to be awesome.

4:44 PM  
Anonymous Jon said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I'm workin' on it. I just don't watch many movies. Do TV shows on DVD count?

9:30 PM  
Blogger Turtle said...


Sure. They count.

9:34 PM  

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