Monday, September 25, 2006

Heroes Premiere

I've already given my thoughts, so now I'll just reiterate one point: the whole show is worth it for Hiro. Dude name checks Kitty Pryde in a reference to Days of Future Past. That's some good dorkery, and dorkery usually gets a bum rap on network (thanks ever-so, procedurals; not everyone goes psycho when living in their mom's basement). But Hiro? He's just SUPER!

ETA: Also, since I'm being unbearable, and am somewhat on the subject, I thought I'd thank everyone for participating in our insanity the otherday. Thinking of Days of Future Past brings me back to my one "why Wolverine just fucking wins": so far as I know, at least once suse has regenerated from nothing but a metal skeleton. A whole body, dead or alive, seems a lot easier for his healing factor to fix.

Good god. This insanity has now spread to a second post.

Bride of ETA: Between the preview for upcoming Heroes episodes, and the RAWK that is Studio 60, NBC is trying to seriously injure me on Monday nights. Which is fine, because what else is Monday good for? But really, did you SEE those previews?! I won't go into detail, but it looks like there's a serious Reality Fuck about to be going on (I mean about the nature of the reality within the show; yes, I know Super Folk do not actually exist), and that is all kinds of OK with me.

And if you're not watching Studio 60, check it out. Whitford and Perry have mad skillz, yo, and speak Sorkin's occasionally... trying speach positively trippingly. (NB that is the second time in a week that I have referenced Hamlet in discussing something vastly divergent from Shakespeare. Somebody stop me before I dork again!!!)


Anonymous robynjade said...

word. on all counts. especially on hiro.

(thanks for your original post about heroes, btw-- i dont know if would have heard about it otherwise!)

1:08 AM  
Blogger Turtle said...

I'm so glad you caught it, then! I'm actually even more jazzed now that I've seen what's coming.

7:55 AM  

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