Saturday, August 12, 2006

Heroes (minor spoilers)

OK, I'll buy it for at least a few episodes. Here's the why, and some limiting factors:

1. The characters are far more varied in context than the website suggests.

2. It's smart: the plot twsts kept me interested, and the larger elements made me want to find out more.

3. Limiting factor: plots that revolve around the blonde who strips on the internet, especially when they involve sexualized and/or sexual violence. Female superhumans get enough of that already. And what exactly is her power? I'm so lost on that one.

4. Get High and Paint The Future Man: so very creepy, in a very fun way.

5. Limiting factor: oh, god, if they're really going where that last painting went I'm gonna be sick, because just the painting... yeah, I've got issues.

6. Super Hiro: he absolutely rocks. And he's not even blue*.

7. It's an X-Men rip-off that KNOWS it's an X-Men rip-off. The reference to Days of Future Past cemented my love for Hiro.

8. Limiting factor: find better flying effects, yo. (OK, so the X-Men movies could have used this advice as well. Moral of the story? If it doesn't look continuously cool, don't be afraid to cut away from the people in mid-air.)

9. The invulnerable teenager? Rocks. Hard. I never would have expected it.

10. Limiting factor: continuous tests of invulnerability. I've got a strong stomach, and I had to look away at points. Less gratuitous gross, please.

11. The "normal" characters are exceptionally cool, and have thus far avoided sidekick-ism by being part of main plot developments. Here's hoping.

So, yeah. I'm in. Is it september yet?

*E and M and I have decided that all the bad-ass mutants are blue. Yes, we discuss this fairly frequently. Shut up.


Blogger Palladin said...

Not saying this justifies the stripper character, but I think that this look at powers is similar to the stuff Straczynski did in Rising Stars. Not all powers are good. I am speculating from interviews read and the clips I have seen that this lady is a split personality and that the other one has the powers. Just my take. Her powers might be more curse than helpful.

4:02 PM  
Blogger Turtle said...

I'll buy split personality. I'll stay on the fence as far as the utility of the mirrors in showing it until it's either verified or used in a freakin' cool way.

I can see the parallel to Rising Stars, and have little problem wih a stripper as a character. She actually kicks ass pretty hard until she becomes "desperate stripper with mob after her," followed by "stripper who's no longer doing it by choice." Sex trade happens. It's morality tales about sex trade that chap my hide. :-)

4:31 PM  

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