Thursday, July 27, 2006

Art Update

So, the crazy lady whose house I live in has come home, and is a holy cleaning terror. Thus, I have fucked off to the library, which always makes me feel like I'm doing homework. So I thought to myself, "what have I been putting off blogging?" And my self replied, "well, you've been awfully quiet about the Art."

Yes. Yes I have. Mostly because I forgot my camera on the night of the opening, and all of my links were in disperate emails, etc. BUT NO MORE!

See the videos of the Threads in Space show at Sue Hensel's galery! (And photos as well. The pieces by Mike Elko, Jay Benson and Ann Corey Silverman are some of my faves, as is Lynn's, but I'll link to that seperately.)

Read a review from Lynn Herschberger, one of the other fabulous artists in the show! Then read this entry to see her amazing knitted self-portrait!

Do I sound enough like a circus announcer? Good.

Sue has assured me that I am allowed to blame her for the Art, especially since I seem to have come down with another project that will likely take another year to complete. It is nothing so big and twirly this time (my piece is the large DNA-looking thing with socks hanging from it; it's called Unfinished Business: The Yarn Ouroborous; yes, the title only makes sense to me, but I'll explain if you ask), but reqires Research, and possibly Writing (gulp), and also a fuck-ton of fiber (ok, that one's nothing new). Not sure it'll take off, but it's started shaping itself in my head and my Book of Stuff, so that's promising. And if nothing else, I blame Sue. The Art is her fault.


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