Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Oh, To the Comics Shop I Go, or, How to Avoid Ass-Haberdashery in the Twin Cities

My favorite online enabler (not to be confused with Cousin J, the RL enabler; everyone should have a Cousin J to fill their comics and general dorkery needs) has "persuaded" me (ok, she posted more scans today, it's not just the cover art) to *gulp* go out and buy the first two issues of the present X-Men arc.

Notice the *gulp*? I do not play The Time-Honored Game of Nerd Superiority well. At all. As a youngish, cuter, redder-haired Me I once bypassed this ritual entirely by causing fanboys to drool, but I'm now in my late twenties, slightly care-worn, and blonde*. Also female (look to scoring chart for how fun THAT is). And with Kevin Smith dissing on all Geek Girls who aren't Rosario Dawson, it's probably as if god has spoken directly to some of the more rabid fanboys about their place in the nerd heirarchy. Above me. While I don't buy into it for a second, my ability to deal with self-obsessed fan-twits is just this side of violent.

Of course, I live in Minneapolis, which means I don't have to play if I don't want to. I spent a good chunk of my formative years at Dreamhaven, and while I could probably find a geek pissing contest there, I've never had one come looking for me. Shinders is another Twin Cities institution with friendly, enthusiastic staff, and they've a leg up in that they're a purveyor of collectibles, generally, which dilutes the possibilities for asshattery. I've not been there on a regular basis since I collected baseball cards, but all evidence indicates very little chage over the past eighteen years. And if a nine-year-old girl with anxiety problems can visit every week, I'm willing to recommend it.

And someday soon I will blog about somethign other than comics. It will likely be unemployment, or friends babies, or knitting, so you may WISH I were still blogging about comics, but I'm sure the day wil come.

*May I offer a tutorial on the Importance of Red Hair to geeks? Or, for simplicity, I suppose I could just point at the collage at the top of the page, as apparently I'm not immune. Bother.


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