Sunday, July 16, 2006

Because I [heart] Snark

Your Designated Sidekick brings the most fantastic snarky answers to stupid fanboys and -girls. My favorite is his reply to the mind boggling comment that "A lesbian superhero is a contradiction in terms":

"*blink* Look. Buddy. That's a level of 'Isn't it ironic?' that Alanis Morrisette rejected. A contradiction in terms? If she fights crime, that's...superheroic. If she commits crimes, that's supervillanic, and if she's dating another girl, that's just super. I get the feeling i have the wrong dictionary, since I keep having to look up these words like 'lesbian' to see if they mean 'A figure, especially in a comic strip or cartoon, NOT endowed with superhuman powers and/or WHO usually IS NOT portrayed as fighting evil or crime'."

That is a snark of great beauty. Read the whole entry, but not while drinking anything - it poses a severe beverage risk to monitors and keyboards.


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