Monday, July 31, 2006

Dear Frank Miller,

Could you suck just a little bit harder? Or is that reserved for the TWELVE-YEAR-OLD boys you seem fucking obsessed over.

Oh, and FYI? Vicky Vale is a smart, professional woman who is observant enough to repetedly suspect the sekrit identity (OMG!) of Bats. That woman you wrote? The vicious bitch with no torso and no higher brain function? That ain't her. She may be your dream girl (all evidence I've seen suggests as much), but you're no Bruce Wayne, and good god, I hope never to see you in black rubber.

Pls to stop raping my childhood,
No love,

ETA: Holy hell, I really am capable of blogging about something other than comics! Erm... off to temp agency tomorrow, to assuage my poor bank account! There! Not comics! I have no life.

12-year-old orphaned child of Edit: Holy crap, it's everywhere. I think a support group is in order.


Blogger Bill said...

Yeah, I haven't read any issues yet, since, you know, not buying much outside of TPB's anymore. All I know for sure is that this supposed to be out of continuity. Maybe Miller's doing it on purpose, fucking with everyone because he knows he can.

Ditto with Morrison and Quitely over on All-Star Superman. They're supposed to be DC's version of the Ultimate Universe, so I personally don't call it "fucking with my childhood," since they're not really changing anything.

Bringing Jason Todd back from the dead in regular continuity, however? Now THAT'S fucking with my childhood.

2:49 PM  
Blogger The Mighty Robolizard said...

Honestly, everything Miller does with Batman is similar to what Crumb did with his more misgionistic work after he became famous, he is testing what you will accept. Vicky Vale was of course absurd, but I would argue that feeding Dick Grayson rats after he was an oprhan of four hours and beating Alfred, his adoptive father for all things considered is just as bad. He clearly understands who Batman is, but like DK2 and Sin City this is tongue in cheek pulp and an experiment. Reactions like the ones from the fans is probably what he's looking for. Andy Kaufman the cartoonist.

Ditto about Todd... that was just pointless. On the back of the book. there it is: 'It would be a really cheap move to bring him back.' Oh, and it happened during a random action having nothing to do with the Bat. Exciting, no?

11:55 AM  
Blogger Thomas L. Strickland said...

He clearly understands who Batman is, but like DK2 and Sin City this is tongue in cheek pulp and an experiment.

Frank Miller used to understand Batman, perhaps better than anyone since Kane. But 9/11 broke Miller. He's admitted as much. The only way you explain an incredibly obvious artistic devolution like DK2 is by citing a drastic change in the creator. The first issue, while it lacks the consistent graphic punch of Klaus Janson, maintains a decent through-line. The last issue? Almost incoherent.

There is no comparison of Sin City and DK2. Sin City is pulp noir, an original call to a particular genre written for a mostly independent house.

DK2 was supposed to be a sequel to one of the best-selling graphic novels in history and DC was counting on Miller to deliver a continuation of that original and successful story. He started along that line, but fell off.

Now, DC has brought Miller back for one reason: he sells. He is no longer noteworthy for his talent, but for his ability to attract attention. Is he testing us? Perhaps, but not for the high-minded Kaufman-esque reasons you mention.

1:30 PM  
Blogger The Mighty Robolizard said...

Hmm... we may have to agree to disagree on this one, but something that must be said is that DK2 was created before 9/11. Miller's only response to 9/11 in there was that he killed Lois Lane in the exploding building and had Superman mourn her. The book was suppoused to be apocalyptic, and then in a coincidence our own apocolopytic event occured, making what happened in the book seem weak and pointless.

Frank Miller has always been working in parody [DK1 was a parody that also worked as a serious brilliant story, as was Sin City. Fans tend to move in droves, and personally I don't believe Superhero worlds should be jolly or stay the same, nor that DC heroes should be pleasant. I love heros, and the best part is not thier roles, but going back and seeing what each respective creator wanted to do with them. I think that once they enter the Batcave, ASB becomes kind of cool. Of course its sick, but if it wasn't Batman it would be a deep analasys of the superhero taking it upon himself to change the world, possibly and inditement of America. However, incidentally [and, really lucky for Miller, for more people will read it, including non fans] the post 9/11 world has been very popular for Superheroes

Besides, All Star comics are suppoused to be experiments. All-Star Superman is one also, albeit much subtler, and more based in the glorious Silver Age than the 'We're so baddass' 80's and 90's (that Miller actually created). I think ASB is an interesting book, but considering DC's 'Ultimate Universe' goals they should've gotten someone who wasn't the main cause of the drift in comics. Paul Dini writes Detective Comics VERY well, and he would've probably been the best choice. Or Jeph Loeb, but he currently works at Marvel. I like the book for its sickening evil, but if the effort was to get new fans into the DCU, Miller [and Lee actually] should not be the top choices. Oh well. As for the experiment, I think its nt Kaufmanesque in that Miller wanted people to be in on the point. OF COURSE Batman would never feed Robin rats and beat Alfred, but this is Miller's 'Dark Knight' universe, and it explains why Robin would eventually try to kill him in DK2 [aww... I'd like to see how DKverse Todd dies too...]. Miller got a lot of poo for making Robin a gay serial killer, but that was an obvious reference to Wertham. That said, ASB isn't that great as a book [i thought DK2 was though. The mess of the pages was suppoused to represent modern culture, but, as I said, the book was not as effective.] I hate Miller making Batman a Randian Godlike symbol though, and Superman a wimp. It was shocking [Superman] in DK, as a sign of the tragedy of age, but in DK2 and ASB its just obnoxious, like mistreating a character for the sake of it. [Cartoon Network's 'IM Weasel comes to mind if you remember it...'] Miller is making of doing Sin City. Thanks to him [and Moore, and Ross, and others...] these characters have become more human than ever, but his new style is pure pulp. Sin City worked because of it, but dealing with classic characters he is much less entertaining [mainly bc of the Randian thing...]

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