Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend Roundup

1. RenFest: drank caffeinated coffee for the first time in a very long time.  Also drank mead.  Hijinks ensued as usual.  Fed a mime chocolate.  Stayed late for after-hours party.  Stayed mostly dry despite Info Booth canopy's best efforts to leak on us.  Wore felted purple tricorn hat.  Had Irishman molest my sheep.  All-in-all, fairly typical day at fest.
2. Fiber: went to sunday afternoon knit-together.  Started skinny scarf with scrummy handspun (yellows, oranges, reds; I dyed the roving with kool-aid before spinning).  Went on spindle-making adventure with Sue to create something similar to the Rakestraw Spinner (you'll have to google it, I'm posting via email).  Sue's basement is a thing of wonder, as is the spinner (as is, for that matter, the yarn produced: more control of the twist than a regular drop-spindle affords.  as soon as thirty extra dollars present themselves, I'll likely order the Real Thing.
3. Super Powers: manifested eerie telepathic connection with E at Fest.  Someone muttered some nonsense about "knowing each other too well," but I know the Truth.  Still no prehensile tail, though.


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