Friday, October 27, 2006

Wacky Mathematics

Warren Ellis found a report that tells us Vampires are a mathematical impossibility. Because it was the MATH that was the impossible part there, obviously.

I've actually been going out of my house for things other than work lately. The Flogging Molly show was last friday, then the next day I completely confused my brain by going to a collage concert at the university that included chorales, orchestras, jazz bands, various combos, a lovely piano soloists, and a scene from an opera, among other things. Musical whiplash, it was.

On sunday we went to see The Prestige. Go. See. This. Movie. We were utterly floored by it, and finally arrived at the realization that this was due to the fact that we could find nothing wrong with it. The acting was fantastic, the directing solid, the visuals and editing were stunning and creative, and it inspired M to coin the phrase "Schroedinger's suicide." (That might be a spoiler, but if you can figure out what it means before the movie actually tells you, you're a freakin' genius.)

On the dork front, Cousin John and I spent three hours running around town searching first for inspiration, then for haloween costumes. I have not had such a good time shopping since I was a teenager. We found two costumes for him (yeah, we had to warm up a bit with one of them), both fitting our half-assed, throw a costume together at the last minute theme. My costume primarily consists of hair dye, which would be properly half-assed if I had properly read the directions on the packet. I'll share more (and pictures) after the Big Reveal Sunday night.


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Obviously this "I have nothing better to do with my time than disprove the existance of Vampires" has not spent alot of time researching vampire lore.

I was under the impression that it took more than being bitten once to turn someone into a vampire. Then again, I don't think he had also taken into account the large population of vampire hunters there are out there. I mean, sure, I suppose left unchecked ANY preditor could outnumber its prey and ultimately starve themselves. Thats why nature (and the Church) has taken the liberty to balance things out. Its all about checks and balances when it comes to good and evil.

Although my favorite part has to be the fact that he did this study to increase public awareness. Apparently "Not only does the public believe in such topics, but the percentages are at dangerously high level, Efthimiou told LiveScience." Excuse me? I had no idea this was such an important topic!

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