Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Turkey (Feet)

It's been just mom and I today, which is how I like my Turkey Day best. I fell asleep at ten o'clock last night, which means I got up at seven thirty when mom was starting the bird. The first hour and a half of turkey cooking smells absolutely foul (fowl?), especially when you smell cooking meat as seldom as I do. I was glad to be a vegetarian until about nine, when the smell was suddenly heavenly.

This is why I end up having a little bit of turkey on Thanksgiving every year. Also why I feel sick every year, because my body has no clue what to do with meat anymore. Thankfully (ha!) we ate early, so I was find by the time we went out.

And where did we go? To see Happy Feet, of course, because the mom hadn't seen it yet. Have I mentioned how much I love this movie? This time the water animation really stuck out, especially the waves on the open water. I can't wait for the DVD, and I'll cry if they don't have the obligatory "making of" extra included. I want to see Savion Glover choreographing Mumble.

OK, back to CSI, which is not living up to it's comic book incarnation. I'm reading "Dying in the Gutters," which is a great big dorky lark. If you've ever had it in for Joe Quesada, consider it guilt-free schadenfreude. If you don't know who that is, this is not the dorkery you are looking for.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Turkey Day!

Bringing this back to the topic of Happy Feet (which I saw this weekend) I was so shocked with how dark it was! I mean oh my god! First half of the movie: Cutest thing ever! Then the action sequences became insanely brutal (which was awesome). Then it just got horribly horribly dark. I mean I was really horrified. Depressingly staring at a walk, hallucinating with a broken spirit in captivity?? Dear god! o_O

The moral of this movie is that everybody (including animals) are discriminating pricks and humanity only gives a damn about something when it has an entertainment value. ALthough I hear the movie is also playing in the IMAX theaters which I imagine must be incredible to see.

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