Thursday, January 25, 2007


Head all hurty. Blogger all WTF, with the New, and the defaulting to text edit, and the wanting to change my font. DO NOT WANT.

Have been inconveniently ill this week, with the high point (read: low point) coming this morning when I could not sit up without feeeling dizzy and/or hurlish. I suspect part of the hurlish has to do with the second degree burns on the roof of my mouth. Molten cheese is evil and blister producing. Mmmm, pus.

Have I made you hurl yet?

At any rate, I've been boring lately, and so have not posted so as not to pass on the boredom. Last weekend saw a bit of drama, but even that was boring, all told. There is a new little person in Jon and Teresa's life, and I hope to meet her on Sunday, provided the week-long cold clears up by then. I promise I won't get your new baby sick, Jon.

Aaaaand here I am descending into the boring, so I'm gonna go curl up with some tea and try to read past the blinding headache. Blargh.


Blogger Jon said...

Well, I hope you feel better by Sunday then!

As badly as blogger needed some updated features, every single blogspot blogger I know has been complaining about how badly the upgrade's going. Makes me glad I bailed when I did instead of waiting around for new features.

12:46 PM  

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