Friday, June 01, 2007

Whee, Personal Holiday!

I'm off today, playing hooky because I needed to take a personal holiday before the end of June/fiscal year end. This exciting day's agenda: wake up slowly due to late night; email a member of family Anatidae regarding yesterday's trip to the MIA; go to the father's house to get some of grandma's stuff and sort something on his computer; come home, enroll in benefits for the new job and upload photo's from last weekend's trip up north; take cat to vet; blog. Not much of a holiday it is? Ah, well, we had that last weekend. And I was out of town the weekend before.

And the weekend before that.

Actually, I snapped this week and massively cleaned one of my rooms because I've been out so much that there has been NO TIME for cleaning, even for someone with a minimalist approach to cleaning.

I'm boring the hell of myself with this post, but y'all, you know that we're at DefCon eleventy-two around here regarding personal information. Just know that life is good, and definitely not boring, and I've been unbearably perky lately, which is hilarious because no knows what to do with me.



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