Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Able Bodied

At what point do we get to call the IAAF a bunch of bigoted losers? The guy uses the same prosthetics as multitudes of other amputees, and uses them better than any others. It's not the tools, it's the user. Sure, the prosthetics return 3% more energy to the limb than the average ankle does. (Note: when that study was quoted in the televised story, the numbers were 88% return for the ankle verses 91% for the prosthetic. I am not sure how that translated into a 30% difference.) And yet, Oscar Pistorius is the only amputee anywhere near his level of competition. Further studies have confirmed that it is his use of the limbs, not their very existence, that makes him so fast. The IAAF? Refuses to accept these studies, and relies solely on the energy return study. I'm ready to make the call, y'all: bigoted losers. Studies show they're wrong, but why should science get in the way of small-mindedness.

Also? At which point do we stop calling the other athletes "able-bodied" in comparison?


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